Wood Refinishing

One of the things that we love about Charleston is its locals' commitment to preservation and tradition. Over time, as people renovate and remodel, sometimes it is easier to paint over wood molding, trim, and other architectural designs than to restore and bring them back to life. Unfortunately, taking the easy road of painting over wood leads to more hard work to restore it. Many painting companies in Charleston will say they have the skills necessary to refinish wood - but do they?

Skill, Patience, and Perseverance

Wood restoration is a process that takes skill, patience, and talent. You can’t rush through it or take the easy way out. The quality of wood restoration rests in the beginning stages and prep work and how much time, detail, and attention is put into it. If you don’t take the time to do it right, you will never be satisfied with the results. We understand that doing it the right way takes more time and patience, but there isn’t any other way for us.

Expertise, Skill, and Talent

We specialize in wood restoration and have perfected the process to deliver the most complete and professional results possible. We aren’t about just slapping on another coat of varnish and calling it a day. We deeply respect the artisans who spent their time handcrafting the beautiful woodwork we see around us, and we believe that it deserves our focus to restore woodworking to its original and rich wood tones and grains. ​

Craftsmanship is a Lost Art and We Haven’t Lost It

Where we differ is in our commitment to craftsmanship. Only some companies take the time to focus on one job at a time; they take on many projects and need help managing them. We only take on one project so that we can put all our attention and expertise into getting the job done correctly. Artisans made historic wood structures from a time gone by. These structures need the proper care to bring them back to life and maintain them for the future. ​

Using What Works

The technology for wood refinishing has continued to improve over time, but there is no substitute for knowledge, expertise, and good old-fashioned hard work. We use the latest equipment to ensure that we get it right, but we also have the tricks and tools of the trade that work as well now as they did decades ago. We stay abreast of industry trends but never try to cut corners using new methods that won’t deliver the same high-quality results.

Products That Last

We only use the finest industry-approved products that we know are safe. Safe for you, your family, and the environment. Our expertise allows us to choose the finishes that best enhance your wood for years. The quality of the products you choose defines how well the wood is restored to its original beauty and how long that beauty lasts. Putting the work and expense in to get it right the first time is much better. Since we specialize in wood restoration, we know what systems work and those that do not stand up to the harsh Lowcountry environment. Not many other companies can say the same.​

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