Interior Painting

One of the quickest ways to brighten your indoor spaces is through interior painting. Whether you are looking to renovate, add some color to your world, or just spruce things up, Southern Paint & Restoration has the talent to tackle it all. The quality of an interior painting job is defined by the things you do before the brush touches the wall. We take protecting your home and valuables very seriously. We not only keep a tidy workspace to reduce accidents; we do it because it keeps us on-task and on-time while also reducing our presence.

No Project is Too Much

Not all painting companies can be hired for all painting situations. Our interior painting professionals can handle anything from textured walls to plaster. We approach every project with the expertise to prepare properly and choose the appropriate products to last. Every project we undertake is the most important one and continues to be until the job is 100% complete to your satisfaction.

Your Unique Style Shining Through

We believe that a fresh coat of paint is about more than a color; it is about your personality, unique style, and taste. Our experience in the painting and decorating industry allows us to give practical advice when needed about the effects of paint colors, color tint finishes, and other product information. Our mission is to best express "you" and to give your home the warmth, energy, and welcoming feel you desire.

Others Say They Will, But Do They?

Painting companies can make you all sorts of promises about what they can do, but how often do they follow through? We aren’t into completing one job just to get paid and move on to the next - or worse, leave you hanging with a partially finished paint job with no communication. When we say “two weeks,” we actually mean less than. We never overpromise or underdeliver. We have established a reputation for excellence, attention to the small details, and a more-than-positive customer experience. Check out our online reviews and ratings. We believe that the biggest testament to our quality rests in what our customers have to say!

Reliability, Trustworthiness, and Expertise

When you hire a painting company in Charleston, you invite strangers into your home. We understand our responsibility to maintain reliable, consistent, and trustworthy service. All of our painters are on-staff; we do not use subcontractors. You can be confident they are vetted and safe to bring into your space. Our business is based on trust, first and foremost, and doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Long-Term Relationships

We aren’t a handyman service looking to do small jobs, get paid, and move on. We are full-service painting professionals who have perfected our process, fine-tuned our talents, and want to build lasting relationships. Your needs as a homeowner will change over time, and we want to help you revamp, restyle, and renovate throughout your many life stages. We want our relationships to be long-term and lasting. From sprucing up and maintenance to complete historic restorations to downsizing, we will be the painting company that stays with you.

Treating You the Way You Deserve

Above all, we believe in treating every customer with the same respect, concern, and kindness on which we built our business and reputation. We aren’t your average painters; we are professionals in every sense of the word. We don’t just dabble in painting; we have a passion for it, which shows in everything we do.

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