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Meet Jeff Antley

I am a Charleston native who was born and raised on James Island. We raised our children here, and they are raising theirs in Charleston too. After attending James Island High School, and attending the College of Charleston, I began a construction career in downtown Charleston. Soon after, I met the love of my life Julie, and we soon wed.

Upon marrying, we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and our duo soon became five. Although my business was thriving, after twelve years of being away from my home, we returned to Mount Pleasant and opened Southern Paint & Restoration.

Truth, honesty, quality, and a reputation of excellence, continues to be the foundation for what we do and how we serve you.

A Different Kind of Painting Company in Charleston

Interior and exterior painting are not simple processes; they have many interlocking pieces and parts, with each being as crucial as the next to protect your greatest asset against the harsh climate of South Carolina. Southern Paint and Restoration is totally different from the status quo painting service. Where we differ is in our attention to detail, targeted focus, and commitment to a superior customer experience. We use the most current techniques and materials on the market to achieve the best possible results.

For every painting project that we accept, we do so with the full intent to complete the job on time, to show up consistently, maintain a high degree of communication, and have the highest degree of respect for you and your property. We will do our very best to honor your schedule and limit disruptions, and always maintain a clean working environment.

Long-Term Relationships

Other companies say that they promise to do the right thing, but do they? Choosing the right painting company is about trust. You have to trust that the job will be completed as it was promised, using the finest materials and following proper procedures, while also believing that the company you hire will be there for you as your home ages and to provide proper maintenance and upkeep. We build our relationships to last with the people we serve - not the projects we work on. Our mission is to stay with our clients as they move, grow, and downsize through the many stages of life.

Deadlines are Not Optional

You can rest assured you will never hear “two more weeks” from us. When we set deadlines, we know they are not optional. Homeowners depend on completion dates to plan their hectic lives and schedules. We don’t arbitrarily set deadlines that come and go without notice. Our completion dates are set in stone, and in the rare instance that life gets in the way, we believe in upfront communication, transparency, and only making promises we can keep.

Preservation is the Key

One of the things that makes the Charleston area so unique is our commitment to tradition and preservation – but preserving our past does come at a cost. This is not a part-time job or something we dabble in. We have a proven 35 years and counting in the Charleston area for painting and historical preservation excellence, and we aren’t willing to rest on our laurels.

Over the decades, we have perfected our trade to specialize in projects that require more than just a coat of paint. We are one of the few painting restoration services in Charleston with the knowledge, fortitude, and experience to tackle any painting and restoration challenge. We find creative solutions where others see roadblocks, and we always look for the most cost-conscious, environmentally safe and lasting solutions to beautify your historic home.

A Healthy Respect for Preservation and Historical Tradition

We understand that each project we undertake commands our full attention, so our mission is not to finish up and move along. It is to focus primarily on the most important part of our job—our customers. Our company really stands out in getting to know our customers and making a lasting connection with them that continues long after our final stroke of the brush is complete.

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect - A Willingness to Make It Perfect Does

We don’t subscribe to "practice makes perfect." Although we do have years of hands-on training and experience, that’s not what stands out; our willingness to take the time to get it right at all costs is where we differ. It is also our deep respect for our customers, our community, and our past that speaks volumes about who we are. When you hire us, you can be confident that we will go above and beyond, pick up the phone, respond to all of your concerns, and be your sounding board, if needed.

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